Smoking Cessation

We have a dedicated stop-smoking adviser at the surgery on Friday mornings. They are able to meet with patients wishing to quit smoking, to discuss the most appropriate ways they can achieve their goal. We use a number of methods, including advice, will power techniques and suggestions for alternatives to cigarettes.

Quit51 Stop Smoking Service

The Quit51 Stop Smoking Service is available to residents of Cheshire West and Chester with a registered GP in the area.  Developed by experts and delivered by specially trained and highly experienced professionals, our completely free service* provides advice, support and encouragement to help you stop smoking for good. 

Ask your health professional to refer you to the stop smoking service through the Cheshire Change Hub or, alternatively, contact us directly on 0800 622 6968 or text ‘smokefree’ to 66777.  You can also check out our website at: 

Quit51 will offer you a one-to-one (private and confidential consultations), which take place face-to-face in a clinic or community setting like a village hall, or GP practice or they can take place over the phone. 

We will offer you weekly appointments for the first few weeks (this is the hardest time for quitting), but we will hopefully stay in touch regularly over a 3 month period.  We have practitioners available at various times, including early morning, evenings and weekends.  Your practitioner will also give you access to effective, licensed stop smoking medication. This will be either nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or a prescription only medication – your practitioner will talk you through all of the choices and help you to come up with a plan. 

If you use NRT, we will usually provide you with ‘combination’ therapy – this is proven to work as well as the most effective of the two prescription medications. This is normally a patch plus another form of NRT like gum, mouth spray or lozenge.  Best of all is that if you are motivated to stop smoking and set a quit date, the treatment is free to all Cheshire West and Chester residents! 

During our time together your practitioner will focus on planning your quit attempt, supporting you through implementing the quit attempt, and then making sure you are able to quit for good. 

* a prescription charge will be payable for prescribed stop smoking medication dependent on your status.