Patient Agreement

We understand that our patients rely on us for a huge range of matters, from getting access to the most appropriate clinician when it is most needed, to being able to collect prescriptions promptly on the expected day. We will always do everything we can to meet these expectations but, unfortunately, there are occasions when we are asked for things that we simply cannot provide.

We believe that the practice/patient relationship is a two-way street and as such we thought it would be helpful to detail what you can expect from us and we expect from you in return.


Patient - Staff Agreement



All patients are responsible for 

having a respectful attitude when

dealing with all members of staff.

All members of staff are responsible

for dealing with all patients in an 

appropriate manner. 

It is your responsibility to ensure 

that you hand your prescription 

request into the surgery/pharmacy

promptly, allowing staff enough 

time to process the request without

running out of medication.

It is our responsibility to ensure that

all prescriptions are completed 

within the stated 48 hour process. 

Patients are responsible for self-

treating any minor ailments such 

as coughs, colds or sore throats 

(see reception for full details) 

before booking an appointment.

Admin should ensure that patients 

are booked in to see the most 

appropriate clinician for their stated


It is your responsibility to ensure 

that all of your contact details are 

correct and up to date. 

It is our responsibility to 

communicate with you when 


You should be truthful and honest

about your symptoms and should 

not withhold or exaggerate 

symptoms or information that may

be relevant. 

Doctors should inform you, based on

the given symptoms, whether you 

need a medical face-to-face review. 

This ensures that we match patient 

demand to access to benefit all 


You must present with one issue 

per 10 minute consultation and 

must not be asked to be seen 

during another patient's 


We will keep waiting times to a 

minimum and ensure that we are

attentive and thorough during our